Are you or someone you love facing the prospect of knee replacement surgery?

“Exciting New Video by Double-Knee Replacement Recipient”

Jerry Seaman Shows You How to Overcome Your Fear and Face Your Upcoming Knee Replacement Surgery with Confidence!

The doctor finally confirmed that you (or your loved one) needs a knee replaced. It’s an unsettling situation no matter how good your doctor is. You’re facing surgery, physical therapy, and discomfort. You have every right to be concerned! I felt the same way when my doctor told me that both my knees needed replacement!

I’ve always lived an active life and I had no intention of slowing down. In my youth I was state wrestling champion. I lived and worked on a farm, and I always loved physical and mental challenges. However, all the experiences of my life could not prepare me for the challenges of rehabilitating my knees after total knee replacement surgery.

I can honestly tell you that what you (or your loved one) are about to face is going to be one of the biggest challenges of your life. But with my Pain Free Knees program, you can face those challenges with confidence. Having knee replacement surgery does not mean you have to live a sedentary life or be confined to a walker. On the contrary, the program I have developed can have you back on your feet and living a more full and active life in just a few short weeks.

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You’re wise to get this information NOW, so that you know the right questions to ask, and you can prepare mentally and physically. By following my program, you can be back on your feet in more quickly than you expect. I’m living proof! Only eight short weeks after having my second knee replacement surgery, I was able to do all of the following exercises:

  • Squat 205 lbs for 20 reps
  • Stand and balance on a basketball
  • Hang upside down from a bar 12 feet off the ground
  • After only 8 weeks I can flex my knee a full 135 degrees
  • Walk carrying 5 gallon buckets on my farm
  • Balance on one leg

I have the pictures and video to prove it!!

basketball1 hanging1
Jerry only 8 weeks after knee replacement surgery!

Pain Free Knees!

I enjoy vibrant health and energy, and I can help you have the same active lifestyle. Gone are the pain and inconvenience of knees that make your life miserable. Instead, you can once again:

  • Bend down and hug your grandchildren without pain
  • Regain your balance
  • Dance again!
  • Sit and stand easily
  • Enjoy gardening again
  • Wake in the morning with less pain and stiffness

I’ve put together a video program to help you after surgery. Just look at all you get in each video for just $37! The program includes:

  • My Success Mindset program shows you exactly what you need to do to get your thinking right and improve your life.
  • Pain Management techniques, such as knowing how to “STOP” your subconscious pain thoughts when they try to “TRICK” you into believing your knee won’t bend any further.
  • Exercises to help you improve your flexibility and strengthen your knees so you can excel in your life and not merely resume it!

It’s never too late to reduce your pain!

See for Yourself: View Clips from the DVD

This is a comprehensive program based on my own experience with having my second knee replacement. To give you an idea of what’s on the DVD, here is a set of excerpts from the video.

It’s hard to be happy when it’s painful to walk. It’s tempting to give in to sitting around and wishing you had a better life. But staying in that mindset is not going to change your situation, nor will it help your recovery. You need to take action to make changes, but your actions need to be specific and targeted. I had both of my knees replaced and I am still able to move around like I did in my youth. I can help you get back on your feet — literally!


Dr-Piston-PhotoJerry is walking proof that a patient can gain total flexibility with this DePuy Rotating Platform Knee. Here’s proof that Jerry’s work out system and routine does work.

Dr. Robert Piston MD PC.


Jerry is always on the fast track when it comes to rehabilitation workouts. He pushes himself to get his record results with his program.

A.C. Canterna M.D.


The program that Jerry Seaman has developed is needed more today than ever. He shows you how to prepare physically and mentally for the knee replacement and the trials of rehabilitation.

Jon Kolb MS


What Jerry Seaman is doing sure makes my job as a physical therapist a whole lot easier. Patients are ready to go to work after the surgery and recover faster.

LeRoy Clark II PE


Let’s Make This an Easy Decision! I’ve Decided to Include
my 30-Minute Stretch Video, a $17.95 value, absolutely FREE.

Stretching is an important part of your recovery after surgery, and my video shows you what to do. Here are some of the things I discuss and demonstrate in this video:

  • Preparing for Stretching
  • Regaining Flexibility
  • Building Your Strength
  • Improving Your Balance
  • Overall, Enjoying a Better Life

So for $37, you got not one but TWO videos to help guide you on your way to recovery from a knee replacement. Where else can you find this kind of first-hand experience and knowlege, delivered in a no-nonsense presentation?

Don’t give in to fear! Take the first step NOW,
while you have a chance for a better outcome to your surgery.

Let Me Help You to Live a Better Life After Your Knee Replacement Surgery with These TWO Videos, Risk Free for 90 days!

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So you have nothing to lose, and your life and freedom to gain!

If you are not 100% happy with the results you get from following my Pain Free Knees program, simply return your video and I will refund your money. No questions asked!

Jerry Seaman ~ Owner Live Pain Free™

P.S. The choice really is yours to enjoy a better life after surgery. Don’t wait! Start feeling better as soon as possible. Buy these TWO amazing, life-changing videos for only $37 today. Click on the Buy Now button above to invest in your pain-free future!